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Where the city returns to nature

Site Plan 11
Site Plan 12
Site Plan 13
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Enjoy a continuous series of urban landscapes with natural sunlight, fresh air and lush open spaces specially curated for families and social gatherings

Site Plan 17


Your welcome greeting – grandeur in nature

The finest homes always place quality in the foreground. Each time you drive in, experience an eloquent visage of a refined residence.

Site Plan 18
Residential drop off and pick up
Site Plan 19
Play zone Clubhouse
Site Plan 20
Onsen alcove with heated onsen and Jacuzzi

Experience the bliss
of being on cloud nine

The Lentor life – embraced by the calming sounds, sights and shades of water and greenery.

Facilities at 1st Storey

Site Plan 21
Aqua deck with Jacuzzi
Site Plan 22
Children’s aqua fun pool

Waterscapes abound
for all ages

Amongst the greenery are pools, ponds and water cascades that invite residents to embrace the energy and activity of a resort-like abode.

Your perfect lookout

Peek through the Clubhouse, with the sun casting its warmth into the water and blue skies gleaming overhead.

Site Plan 23
50m swimming pool with pool decks and water wall
Site Plan 24
Trapas pond
Site Plan 25
Alstonia angustiloba (conserved Pulai tree)

Waterscapes abound
for all ages

Site Plan 26
Water Iris Pond
Site Plan 27
Yoga deck
Site Plan 28
Community grill with bbq
Site Plan 29
Sky garden bridge

Facilities at sky terraces, at
8th Storey of Blocks 33 & 35, and
9th Storey of Blocks 31 & 37

Site Plan 30
Sky spa cove with Jacuzzi

Water, wind and stars
gather for work and play

Head up to any of the work-from-anywhere (wfa) pods and get ready for some inspiration. From the Sky Garden Bridge, a breathtaking view of the towering Pulai tree awaits.

Site Plan 31
Site Plan 32

Facilities at roof top garden,
at 23rd Storey of Block 35

Site Plan 33
Sky dining pavilion
Site Plan 34
Last Updated: 25th July 2024

Lentor Hills Residences: A Paradisiacal Oasis of Luxurious Facilities

Lentor Hills Residences transcends the conventional notion of residential living by offering an array of luxurious facilities meticulously designed to cater to every aspect of modern life. This essay delves into the exquisite facilities available at Lentor Hills Residences, highlighting how they create an ecosystem of comfort, leisure, and relaxation for residents.

Ecosystems of Urban Landscapes:
At Lentor Hills Residences, residents are greeted by a continuous series of urban landscapes that seamlessly blend with nature. From the moment of arrival at the residential drop-off and pick-up point, residents are enveloped in grandeur and refinement. The play zone clubhouse serves as a focal point for social gatherings and family activities, while the onsen alcove offers a tranquil retreat where residents can experience the bliss of relaxation.

Facilities at the First Storey:
The first storey of Lentor Hills Residences is a haven of aquatic delights. Residents can unwind in the aqua deck with Jacuzzi or watch their children frolic in the children’s aqua fun pool. Water cascades, ponds, and pools abound, inviting residents of all ages to embrace the energy and serenity of a resort-like abode. The trapas pond and water iris pond add to the scenic beauty, complemented by the majestic presence of the conserved Pulai tree.

Your Perfect Lookout:
The clubhouse offers a perfect vantage point to admire the beauty of the surroundings. From here, residents can gaze upon the 50m swimming pool with pool decks and water wall, basking in the warmth of the sun and the shimmering blue skies overhead. The yoga deck provides a serene space for mindfulness and relaxation, while the community grill with BBQ facilities fosters camaraderie and conviviality among residents.

Facilities at the Sky Terraces and Rooftop Garden:
Perched atop the 8th and 9th storeys of select blocks, the sky terraces offer a sanctuary above the bustling city below. Residents can indulge in the sky spa cove with Jacuzzi or stay active on the jogging track, enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Meanwhile, the rooftop garden on the 23rd storey of Block 35 features a sky dining pavilion where residents can savor gourmet meals amidst the backdrop of a breathtaking vista.

Lentor Hills Residences sets a new standard for luxurious living with its unparalleled facilities and amenities. From aquatic paradises to sky-high sanctuaries, every aspect of the development is meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse needs and desires of its residents. Lentor Hills Residences truly epitomizes the pinnacle of urban sophistication, offering residents a paradisiacal oasis where they can live, work, and play in perfect harmony with nature.

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🚶🏻‍♀️2 min sheltered walk to MRT to mall
🚈Within 20min to CBD by public transport / driving
🏫Within 1km to St Nicks
🍜10min walk to wet market, food center
🏞️ Connected to Parks and nature reserve
🥳 Huge transformations with new township
💪🏻 Reputable developers
😍 One of the most attractively priced and worthy new launch this year

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